Reach out for a no-obligation chat, and we can see if I'm the right person to take your wedding photos!


Bride and Group walking in unique wedding location scotland

Whatever your photography needs, I would love to have a casual, no-strings-attached chat with you. Once I’ve received your inquiry, I will arrange an in-person meeting (if you’re local and keen) or a video chat where we can meet and see if I’m the UK wedding photographer for you!

The most vital thing about hiring a wedding photographer is ensuring that you get on well with them. They will be at your side, in your face, and will interact with all of your guests. Your event, and your memories of the event, will be painted by the personality of the photographer you hire. Their photos will be a reminder of your experience in so many ways.

So, go ahead and reach out. I’m hoping to see if we’ll be happy working together, making memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are unsure or need several dates, please include that information below.